Balachander’ advice to Bala


Director Balachander has adviced Director Bala no to take too much time on each film. He added that taking three years for a film is too much and we should have a control on time. The whole of Kollywood is praising Director Bala as he won the National award for his film ‘Naan Kadavul’. Producer Siva even felicitated Bala at the start of his new film. The special guest for that function Director Balachander also gifted Bala a lifetime present.

Balachander told that “Bala has taken the cinema to greater horizon. I have even been amazed by looking at his films. The only problem is that it takes 3 long years for his films to get released. Please have some control over time Sir. I ask this as the head of your huge fans. I am very eagerly waiting for your films. This is the same with your fans too. Two, Three years for a film is too much. Please try to finish within a year. Please take this as my advice to you. Wht shall I do, now I have become old and the only thing I can do is advice. I have learnt a lot from your films. From your films only I am able to identify whatever I haven’t done.


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