Bala to direct a Bollywood film soon

Director_Bala_bollywoodDirector Bala, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming directorial venture titled ‘Aan Ivan’ starring Vishal and Aarya in the lead, is said to be on a crash-course to learn Hindi soon enough to equip himself to become qualified enough to direct a Hindi film.

The director, who won the national award for ‘best director’ for his film Naan Kadavul some time back, is one of the few directors in Kollywood who write the script and then select the actors instead of doing the vice-versa, as is done by most of the directors.

The soft-spoken Bala, who has just 4 films to his credit in the last 10 years in ‘Sethu’, ‘Nanda’, ‘Pithamagan’ and ‘Naan Kadavul’, is a creator at heart and would go any length to ensure that his final outcome turns out to his entire satisfaction. When he gets what he wants from his actors and actresses, he becomes a prankster on the sets.

“Avan Ivan has shaped up very well with amazing inputs by Aarya and Vishal. Both have equally significant roles in the film. I take my own time as I want to ensure that everything is proper. I am also learning Hindi as fast as I can and once I master that language, I’d surely venture out into Bollywood and start directing films there,” asserts Bala.

Knowing his penchant for perfection, we know he can do whatever he wants!



  1. Ram USA

    Great to hear this from bala…no doubt that he is gonna be a create his foot prints in Bollywood too…good luck…

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