Bala in Avan Ivan is a different director

Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’ is a story between two brothers.Avan Ivan stars Vishal, Arya, Janani in the lead The shooting is going on in Tirunelvelli district.Yesteryear actress Ambika plays the role of  mother.

In the set Avan ivan Bala has given a sweet shock to the unit members his attitude is completely changed. It is a normal happening at the sets of Bala for 30 or 40 takes. Heroes would be fed up of repeating the same dialogues in front of the camera for hours together. But now a day’s Bala say Okay for a shot in one or two takes. The second schedule of Avan Ivan is yet to take place.

This first shot took place at Tenkasi where a huge crowd gathered to get a glimpse of the actors. Bala without losing his coolness has shot this scene.Could be his marriage has changed his attitude.

The shot he had taken in the first schedule has Janani Iyer is a police officer and Vishal snatches away Janani’s walkie talkie and run off.


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