Bachans not to attend IIFA,Srilanka

Recently director Seeman and many Tamilians has voiced their displeasure loud and clear against the International Indian Film Festival (IIFA) for wanting to hold the film awards in Colombo, Sri Lanka. And the entire tamil industry is boycotting this function.The reason is because Sri Lanka had turned into a killing field of innocent Tamil civilians during its final battle against the Tamil Tigers. There are many more thousands of Tamils who are now languishing in the refugee camps. Slowly, stories are filtering out that the Sri Lankan army had knowingly slaughtered civilians and rebels who wanted to surrender

While all the imagery of the killings are still fresh in the minds of Tamils, along came the news that Amitabh Bachchan, the poster boy for IIFA was going to lead the IIFA show to Colombo. Director Seeman who has been a strong supporter of the Tamil Tigers and other Tamils have protested loud and clear so much so that Bachchan has written in his blog that he is trying to find a solution to pacify all parties concerned last week. Commenting on the IIFA show in Colombo, Seeman is reported to have said, “It’s ironic that the Bollywood film industry is insensitive about the whole issue

Following the protest  it is being announced now For The IIFA that is scheduled to be held from June 3 to 5, Salman Khan will be the brand ambassador replacing Amitabh bachan. Awaiting for an official announcement from Big Bs office

Mean while , Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai have dropped their plans to go to Sri Lanka for the IIFA awards, and the pair have said they will not be attending the Colombo event because of prior commitments at the Cannes Festival and other personal reasons. Mani Ratnam has already pulled out ‘Raavan’ from the IIFA event in Colombo.



  1. Raman

    I was in a hope that you have a good sense but you disappointed me,
    of course i know that you know those (seeman and co) play all for a bad politics, but unfortunately you lost in front of there cheapest act.. I really worry for you..


  2. Anonymous

    hello Raman

    Is it just because Seeman speaks against your community you are writting this

    Cant you see the entire tamil stars boycotting this function.

    Understand the situation and speak.

    Open your eyes and watch how many tamilians are home less.

  3. Anonymous

    Seeman & co didn't play bad politics act..They are working for the abandoned tamils who are suffering in srilanka with loss of their beloved ones, homes and peace.

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