Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai would be a hit, predicts Ilayaraja

Azhagar Samiyin kuthirai

Director Suseenthiran is ready with his third directorial venture titled ‘Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai’, produced byMadhan. The strong point of the film is that it has music by ‘Maestro’ Ilayaraja, who also released the audio of the film recently.

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The Maestro hardly takes part in events commemorating the success of many films for which he has scored music. It was, therefore, surprising for many to see the ‘Maestro’ whole-heartedly participating in the music launch of a film which has no leading stars and has been directed by a relative newcomer.

“I feel Suseendhiran deserves kudos for having filmed a novel. Usually, I get an inkling about whether a film would be a hit or not when I see the posters of the concerned film. When I saw poseters of Suseendhiran’s ‘Vennila…’, I told my aides that the film would do well and it eventually turned out to be a super-hit film.

“This film too has all the makings of a super-hit, I feel. Suseendhiran’s hardwork and the commitment of the team would surely pay off,” said the ‘Maestro’, who released the audio-cassettes and CDs of the film which was received by veteran cinematographer-director Balumahendra.

Sasikumar, Vetrimaaran, S.P. Jananathan, Pandiraj and Simbudevan were among the directors who took part in the event.



  1. Urvashi

    This project was noticed only after Gautam menon took the script. The director, Suseendharan was giving interviews all over when Gutam acquired this project.

    Meanwhile, once the project was wrapped up and worthy, 2G-scam cousin Cloud Nine at gun point took over the project for distribution from Photon Kathas. The rest is history.

    Except Simbu Devan, no one mentioned a word about Gautam, which was a surprise. A politics? There seems to be a strong divide between RURAL vs URBAN filmmakers in Tamil Nadu.

    Another thing, as Sasikumar mentioned, please do not pretend to be worshipping fellow colleagues or people who might be in the industry for 40 years. People are people; do not build a virtual temple for people. This happens only in Tamil and Telugu cinema.

    The world knows who is Illayaraja. You don’t have to praise him with flattery speech. I’m tired of people praising people in front of people.  These village guys who come to make films in Chennai should understand that nobody is god or nobody is demon. We are all servants of god.

    Dear villagers, please do not make it tough for others or future generation. Try to feel equal and live equally and cohesively. Do not divide people based on success or wealth.

    Illayaraja is another human being who mostly worked for money as others.

    Did Tsunami know about success or wealth?

  2. Omkumar

    U r right.But people workship Maestro Ilayaraja, not for his success or wealth but only for the Incomparable music he has delivered over time.Isaignani Ilayaraja has new mentioned himself as God.He very well knows how he is.But people worship the divinity content of his holi music.

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