AVM to make short films before making them for big screen


AVM Productions, founded by the late A V Meiyappa Chettiyar(AVM) has the unique distinction to have continued a five decade successful run in the movie business. The prestigious banner is in its sixty second year.

It goes without saying that all this has only been possible because of a clear vision and a will to adapt to the changing times and tastes of its audience. Post AVM’s demise, the chunk of responsibilities has been shared by sons M. Balasubramanian and M. Saravanan.

In its initial phase, the prominent banner has been instrumental in introducing prominent performers such as Vyjayanthimala, Sivaji Ganesan, S. S. Rajendran and Kamal Haasan . With the arrival of M. Saravanan releases such as Punnami Naagu (Actor Chiranjeevi’s launchpad), Murattu Kalai (Rajnikanth’s stardom), Samsaram Adhu Minsaram (1989), Minsara Kanavu (1997), Gemini (2002), and Perazhagan (2004) reaffirmed the banner’s presence midst the big players.

However, Saravanan has eventually decided to resign and hand over the duties to the third generation of aspirants namely son M. S. Guhan and brother Balasubramanian’s offspring B. Gurunath.

Following in their forefathers tactful approach which has successfully kept the legacy invincible, the duo recently chalked out a refined testing mechanism. According to them it will ensure a guaranteed return from every major release at the box office. The model is based on a strategic release of a short film preceding the major release. Once, the short version amasses the desired attention, talks regarding the full fledged production will be taken into consideration.

It is pertinent to mention here, a similar approach is much prevalent in Hollywood thanks to Harold Lloyd for inventing the noble concept back in 1928. However, the procedure involves screening of the movie itself prior to its general release to a selected list of critics and a small percentage of movie buffs. The event clearly gives the producers a rough idea of the audience reaction for the movie.

We need to wait and watch if AVM has a different take on it. Whatever be their decision, this move will surely change the way the game of releases in the industry. Interesting times are ahead for Kollywood as the banner gears up for a new change under the promising guidance of dynamic leaders.

To this news article AVM Productions has denied any such plans and also have provided their clarification


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