Author Genelia comes to the fore in her diary columns

Genelia the author

Not many are aware that actress Genelia is an avid reader who loves to write a lot about her thoughts and opinions on issues which make an impact in her heart. The chirpy actress is awaiting her grand release in Velayudham opposite Vijay which is all set for a Deepavali release on 26th October (next Wednesday). This is her second film opposite Vijay after their earlier flick Sachin a few years back.

The actress is very proud of her role in the Malayalam film Urumi directed by award-winning cinematographer-turned-filmmaker Santosh Sivan. The film has been co-produced by actor Prithviraj who also plays a significant role in the film. Genelia loves the character of the princess she has played in the film set in the backdrop of the times prior to the period when the country was under the colonial rule of the British.

Despite the many criticisms that have been floating around her in the industry, Genelia doesn’t pay heed to them and just believes in concentrating on the job on hand. The actress is said to be an avid reader and an ‘author’ who never fails to pen her feelings and opinions on important issues in her diary which is not meant for ‘public reading’. Sources close to her say that her writings are youthful, joyous and interesting to read.

Last week, the Mumbai press was abuzz with reports that Genelia had got ‘engaged’ to her long-time boyfriend and Bollywood actor Ritesh Deshmukh at the latter’s residence. Genelia has neither denied the news nor confirmed it.

Does she plan to bring out her own publication sometime in the near future?


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