August releases – an overview

August Releases

The month of August appears to be boom time as far as Tamil films are concerned. As many as 13 films are slated to hit the silver screens in this month alone. It remains to be seen, though, as to how many of them manage to hit the bull’s eye at the box-office.

Not many films were being released in the past few months; the number of films that are released every week on an average had dwindled a lot in these months. The less number of new films hitting the screens had been worrying movie-goers as well as industry-watchers. As if to mitigate their suffering, a flurry of films is set to be released in this month.

Among the film slated for release this month are Ajith’s ‘Mankatha’ (the 50th film of his career) produced by Dayanidhi Azhaghiri and Vijay’s mega-budget ‘Velayudham’ produced by Ravichandran’s Ascar Films. It’s is said that Ajith’s ‘Mankatha’ might be releasing on 19th August while ‘Velayudham’ would be releasing on 30th August.

Ironically enough, even the audio of these two films haven’t yet been released so far. Film-makers are trying to cash in on the weekend starting 12th August (Friday) which has a 4-day long leave period including the national holiday on the eve of Independence Day which falls on Monday. This Friday would see the release of films like ‘Potta Patti’, ‘Ramanathapuram’ and Arjun’s ‘Singakkottai’.

Jiiva’s ‘Rowthiram’ and films like ‘Sagakkal’, ‘Sankarankoil’ and ‘Yuvan’ are lined up for release on 12th August to be followed by AVM’s ‘Mudhal Idam’, RK’s P. Vasu-directed ‘Pulivesham’ and ‘Theni Maavattam’ on 19th. Still, there is no clear indication as to when ‘Mankatha’, expected eagerly by Ajith’s fans, would be released.

Director Sargunam’s ‘Vaagai Sooda Vaa’ and Bharath’s ‘Yuvan Yuvathi’ are slated to hit the screens in the last week of August.



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