Asin:I didn’t reject Sridevi’s offer

Asin:I didn't turn down Sridevi's offer

Actress Asin when moved into Mumbai for her Bollywood career, she had stayed in the same apartment where veteran actress Sridevi and her family were living. Since then the young actress became very close to actress Sridevi being a neighbor. In fact Sridevi and Boney Kapoor are her acknowledged Godparents in B Town now; besides, Sridevi and her two cuties being expressly close to Asin too have constantly buzzed the mediavine.

Recently there were reports claiming Asin thumbed down an offer to be cast in a… Boney Kapoor(Sri devi’s husband) production!

However Asin says she never refused any offer from Sridevi saying it’s “impossible” for her to say no to the senior actress and her filmmaker husband Boney Kapoor.

“I share great personal relations with Sridevi, Boney-ji and the entire family. I was shooting in Chennai when I heard about the report. That’s just impossible.”Asin said in a statement.

A spokesman from Boney Kapoor’s film production unit said they are quite amused to learn about the report.

Says Boney Kapoor, “We are working on the scripts of BE POSITIVE (the sequel to NO ENTRY) and MR. INDIA 2. I am not someone who will approach actors with an incomplete script. Let the script get completed, only then will I announce the star cast.”



  1. theangel

    asin..hate her..i wont be suprised that she did that..she is capable..she was the women who forgot her roots from the tamil film freternity once she is in hate her..

  2. Random

    She did wat was right for her career..and to tell the truth u will to so  dont say stuff about otha ppl without knowing the truth on their side and how tey feel…how would u feel in their shoes

  3. san33

    she cant stay there for more than a year  … adhum can xpect not more than one movie a year ….over make up and face maturity will send her back home… 

  4. Random

    No matter wat ur career. Tamil Nadu is apart of India. And i look to india as a whole and wat asin did was against the indians in srilanka. I would never sell out my countries ppl for my career so i don't know wat ur talking about.

  5. panu

    i dont get it…most people here hating on asin are the idiot foreigners who went there to make money and has no life…why do YOU make such a statement?

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