Asin: Why Partiality?

Asin: Why Partiality?

“I am not a politician and I’m here on work“, says Actress Asin who is shooting in Srilanka at present.

 Asin also rued that when the Indian cricket team visited the island for the Asia Cup last month, they were not stalled by any association. So why this partiality, she reportedly asked in an interview.

The actress also said that Srilankan Tamils were happy on seeing her.

Recently,Nadigar Sangam secretary, Radha Ravi had said action would be taken against Asin after consulting with various associations. In fact, a decision on her ban is expected to be made by the South Indian Film Artistes’ Association shortly.
Asin, who is currently shooting in Colombo with Salman Khan, told  in an  interview that a female lady has no say in deciding the location of the film. 

“Though I did express my concern to them when they decided to shoot in Sri Lanka, the final decision rests with them. At the end of the day, I am just doing my work, as a professional.”, she said.
The actress says the Tamil population in Sri Lanka have really supported and encouraged me throughout my career.I feel that art brings people together and promotes peace. Considering the difficult times that the Tamils in Sri Lanka have been through, I take this as an opportunity to reach out to them and if that brings a smile on their faces, that’s the least that I can do” .

“Indian cricket team played the Asia cup in Sri Lanka last month and defeated the home team in the finals and walked away with the cup.Now, Indian Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma is on an official state tour of Sri Lanka. Every day, hundreds of tourists from south India come to the island nation in the six flights to Colombo from Chennai. But they are not stalled by any association. Why this partiality on me?, the actress questioned.
Asin concluded by saying, “I am just an artiste and not a politician. I would not like to be dragged into any controversy. Please understand that I am here to do my job.”



  1. Anonymous

    Continue your good service to Salman, Your are only being banned from tamil industry.

    Get lost mallu bit**.

  2. Anonymous

    it is the luck of the man with whom you're hanging out with. He is salman rowdy and not MR.Nice. BTW, so called Radha Ravi is an asshole who changes his color quite often. People of Tamil nadu have pseudo leaders like Seeman who does nothing in action, but keep marketing his piece of shit to people, and people blindly believe and follow him.

    Either way, you deserve it for ruining many women's life… you took their husband away!

  3. razaq

    Wat Asin saying is absolutely ryt.. She has rights to take decision.. if radha ravi wants to punish means, try to punish that hindi film director… its shame for him to ban asin movies,she just doing a character…I will support my Asin

  4. Anonymous

    excuse me!!! the bloody pandits of tamil cinema… pls check wats happening to the tamil people in ur so called TAMIL NADU… B4 put ur shit mouth to other countries… there are some begger dogs who eats shit from some so called LTTE pro's… check your back before checking others back… you IDIOTS… Dont ruin others life for your money thurst n fame :)))

  5. Anonymous

    Asin has knowingly or unknowingly established the the actual state of the issue. "INDIAN" criket team plays and "INDIAN" Navel admiral vists srialnka, they are not Tamils. It is the isssue of the Tamil people and the Tamil People are doing what they can (I wish so much Tamil Nadu was a separate country). If she wants to do her job in srilanka fine, no one is stopping her. Same way its is the decision of the Tamil people to decide if she should act in Tamil films or not.

    And to all those is support of Asin, Tamil Nadu may be a shitty place to you and it may have color changing leaders. That dosent mean all their action are wrong. The Tamils feel they are upto something gud and will support them. This will show the unity and uphold the dignity of the Tamil people if not more.

  6. Anonymous

    I am not here to support Asin. But then, neenga yaara-yaavathu ban panrathaala, Srilankan government thiruntha pogutha???

    athuvum cinema pakkigalaala intha naatukku oru paisa proyojanam unda??? now don't start about the money that indain cinema brings.. i am not talking about that…

    etho pozhappu ilaama arasiyal panni kaasu sambathikkalam nu nenaikkara naalu thellavaaringa janagala usupi vittu paakaraanunga… neengalum athukku aamam potukitu nambareenga..

    Dei namba tamil naatlaye neenga ozhunga irukeengala??? jaathiya ozhuchingala da??? innum BC MBC SC ST nu certificate kuduthikittu thaana irukeenga?? town la ukkanthukittu nyaayam pesatheenga… kraamathula vanthu paarunga… innum SC ellam kovil kulla vara mudiyala…

  7. KK

    eva eppadi ponal enna, but surprising to see people wish for seprate country, that's the worst thought. thamilan endru solada thalai nemerundu nilada. same time Nan indian endru marthatikolada.

    Guys & Gals, think twice WE are INDIAN first, then TAMILAN. everyone has a rights to condemn or comment on other activity which hurts tamilan or Indian, but do think that we want to be apart. these thoughts are good enough for foreign countries to intrude our self.

  8. Anonymous

    whoever says they are indian first have gave their identity like the rest of the poeple in india. We accepted indian as our identity shedding our regional differences. But what did we get in return for that?? This whole problem caused for the Tamil People (bashed as terroists and Tamil verians), the adi vasi's(now bashed Naxlas) and people of the north east is caused by the indian govenment. What about death of hundreds of Tamil fishermen killed by srilanks which still go unanswered. When certain group of people are discriminated against directly or indirectly anti sentiment is bound to blossom. These are jus a few mention of political discrimination by the Indian government.
    How many so called indians know there has been a independence movement in the north east since independence till now?. How many so called indians are aware of freedom fighters who are not from the north?? . how many so called indians know about Rajendra Chola??, but all are aware if Ashoka. Please educate yourself before shouting out indian, our school history books portray as if people form center and north bought us independence. how many ppl kno who coined the term jai hind?. I'm not against taking up the indian identity(my mother told me iam indian), but when ones sentiment are not respected (and in this case gone against) there is no point in loosing an ancestral identity


  9. Anonymous

    Hey Folks,
    First of all Asin don't have the bloody feeling to support Tamils, since she is not a tamilian. We agree she is doing her job; whoever pays her that is fine. If we (Tamilians) think she doesn’t deserve to act in Tamil films ever, why we need an official ban? Don't the Tamil procedures/directors know that? IF we are united we don't need a official ban to stop her acting in Tamil cinema. Let’s see…

  10. Anonymous

    I like Rajiv's comment…further to add latest stuff, in US or UK, one born and bought up there was asked to take off turban for checking…whole Indian govt revolts. shah rukh khan is asked to step aside in US for spl checking … whole indian media does so much to cover the incident and people's feelings, keeps interview with him and other stuff … few panjab's get attacked in Australia, Indian govt throws so much support and anger… but look that these poor srilankan tamil's … 10000 are killed like wild animals just because few were revolting against govt…or just recall when former president APJ Abdul Kalam was fully checked in US when whole world knew him…and there was not a sound about it. When asked he said, if its a policy for a souvenir nation's duty, lets follow that and not make a big fuss about it. You see a realistic difference? Who ever, please dont tell tamil people of regionally biased…its because we are cornered so much…


  11. Anonymous

    Asin was never a south Indian. If she was a true supporter of Tamils, she wouldn't have got in the plane to the thug land Srilanka. No matter how much smart she thinks she is by saying all the crappy examples, she is with a thug called Salman Khan and she in a thuggery land called Srilanka. She cannot be forgiven for what she has done. Get rid of her from Tamil nadu.

  12. Anonymous

    Srilanka is a heaven for murderers and bas….. Salman and Asin will fit in perfectly with these assholes. Asin, Go and sleep with the President just like you are sleeping with Salman.

  13. Anonymous

    Nadigar Sangam, please ban her. We don't want to see her face anymore. Please please please ban her from Tamil movies.

  14. Anonymous


  15. Anonymous

    don't you dare talk about sri lanka….oh wait nvm….you guys even talk about india…soo there is no surprise here….no wonder tamils don't have their own country you guys are not united!!:) btw if u ban asin….it's ur loss…..tamil cinema industry is going down hill…cause you guys r gonna lose soo much good actresses….have fun tamil ppl from india…you guys are the worstest thing that happened to india…i bless india to save itself from tamil nadu…btw i'm lankan TAMIL…stay away from our business:) ok? we can deal with our problems…we don't need urs and stupid seeman's support:)

  16. Anonymous

    You stupid person cannot be a Srilankan Tamil. First of all you can't even write English and you don't even know that there is no word in English called "worstest". Remember Srilankan Tamils are well educated and dominate the universities in Srilanka. You must be one of those stupid thugs from Srilanka.

  17. Anonymous

    Asin has caused so much grief to Tamilians world wide. She should be wiped out of the face of Tamil movies. Please Radha Ravi Sir, make the right decision and get rid of her for good.

  18. Random

    Whoa why are u dissing tamil ppl and our state u douchebag! We are all indians if you don't know all the states make up a country so called India that u obviously have forgotten. We are all one. I would never rule out a particular state and say they are shit mouthed.

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