Asin rides a Bullock cart to Madurai airport|it is no film scenes

Asin is a person who not only prefers adventure roles in her films alone. She likes adventure and fun a lot. Asin traveled in bullock cart to Madurai Airport. This interesting incident took place near Madurai. As you know Asin is pairing with Vijay in the film ‘Kavalkaran’ directed by Siddhique. After completing the shooting of the film, Asin decided to go to Mumbai.

She was traveling by car to the airport. On the way, a bullock cart was standing. Her friends asked her whether she had the guts to travel by bullock cart. Asin said,” Why not?” and asked the bullock cart driver whether it was possible for him to give her a lift. Seeing Asin, the driver was overjoyed and nodded. Asin along with her friends jumped into the cart and rode the cart.

People who saw Asin on the way were very happy. Some of them asked for autographs and Asin stopped the cart and obliged everyone. After traveling for about half an hour, she got into her car and drove to the airport. Her friends said that there were enough time to go to airport and because of this they had insisted Asin to ride in the bullock cart.


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