Asin: No one can stop me from going to Srilanka

Asin goes to srilanka

Asin is very casual about the steps taken by South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce against her.

The actress is now flying down to Sri Lanka to shoot the Hindi film ‘Ready’, which is again a remake of Yesteryear Telugu blockbuster ‘Ready’.

Salman Khan and Asin will be playing the lead roles in this movie. This will be the second film for the pair together after London Dreams which flopped heavily.

In a TV interview, Asin has said that the Cine field has been only medium that has been breaking the barriers of borders, languages, castes and religions. We don’t see who the person sitting next to us is or the caste he or she belongs to. It doesn’t make sense about stopping us from traveling to Sri Lanka and getting the film done.

The film was supposed to be shot at Mauritius and later shifted to Sri Lankan forests after Salman’s interference.



  1. Anonymous

    honorable prime minister of india Mr Rajiv Gandi is killed by terrorist prabakaran group.
    Srilankan prim ministers all killed by his group.
    So god punished him also by the same way .

    No on have the rights to say others not to go there r go there.

  2. Anonymous

    Let us wait and see wat is the reaction from Mr Vijay,Who try to show off that he is intersted in Elam problem.
    Mr Rajive was responsible for lots of mistakes………still haven't been corrected yet

  3. Anonymous

    tamil tigers didnt kill ur prime minister rajiv gandi… u ppl dnt know wots happin so shut da ********* up.

  4. Anonymous

    no body have rights to kill other lives even cannot take themselves except god.
    tigers nature to kill others to live themselves.thats is proved now.finally it was also hunted.
    yes u r correct rajiv was punished by god whatever he did and prabakaran also punished by the god whtever he did.

    "whoever taken the wepon killed by the same".

    Can anybody give back the lives tiger killed?
    the killed may have daughetr,sister,son commitments etc.
    who will take care these.

    same as now prabakaran's mother,wife daughter alone now.

    god is greate he never give wrong justice.thats also proved now.

  5. Anonymous

    wer u in srilanka?… did u know what the shikales gov did 2 us… and wen we striked back u call it as an terrosium… and did u also know that ragjv was one of the back bone for srilanaka problen at that time… you bloody people know nothing about this so.. shut up.
    the tigers were not brought up in africa or india. they were tamil people who stood up for rights. you say tigers have killed many people.. were you there to see them killing the people ?? we have proves which any country never cares the genocides of singala gov commited before tigers were risn. so shut up !!!

  6. Anonymous

    we are not suppose to take the wepon .. you guys force to take the weapon to protect us…. we didnt ask anything to u.. we ask our rights … Rajiv gadhi support srilankan army wat that guys do …. Do u wat d exact name for army either they hav 2 kill / save d country there s no law has told 2 rape…………

    that guys did that, will u keep ur mout shut if ur sister/mom raped n front of ur eye….. Dude respect tamilans feeling rather comment ….. respect feelings analysis first ……

    this s not for one guy for every human who have the humanity ……

  7. Anonymous

    the matter is about asin…she forgot d past..tamil director murugadoss onli gave her a good carrer in hindi… she didn't obey our orders…so let her leave kollywood……….ll c how many films going 2 b hit 4 her in hindi….IDHU ENGA AREA KITTA VARADHA……….

  8. Anonymous

    sri lankan army killed tamil peoples unnecessarily.all should understand.tamilans not protecting tamil tigers,they are feelings for killed of innocent tamil peoples.they are also indians

  9. Anonymous

    Asin what you did to your ex PA and other people has come back to haunt you …. Karma is a bitch Asin poi poi Salman dhan Kadachana??

  10. Anonymous

    so then you can kill people for your rights then. that's what you some of here say. don't know weather their god also says to kill innocent people for your rights. Do you know how many Tamil girls were raped by LTTE. They came to schools and took all the adult girls, then they were raped by tigers, then used as LTTE carders. Poor innocent girls lives are now in safety hands. Cant you people see what LTTE has done to tamils. If Tamilnando people really care for Tamils in SriLanka, they should go there and give them food, money, houses . etc. instead of trying to support terrorist.

  11. Anonymous

    you people are trying to make a problem again. If that happens again SrilLanken Tamil people will suffer. Now they live peacefully in SriLanka. Terrorism didn't hurt sinhala people. They lived there usual life in southern part in SriLanka. But north part which were destroyed by the terrorist was Tamil peoples residents. So really terrorist just destroyed Tamil people in SriLanka. I am glad SriLanken government have saved us. You people dont know how horrible lives we spent during the war time. LTTE murdered our parents in frount of us. They took our brothers as LTTE carders, Sisters to satisfy their sexual needs. You people were not there, so don't talk about things you don't know. I am a Tamil living in SriLanka. I Love this country,

  12. Anonymous

    "Anonymous Says:
    July 2, 2010 5:47 AM"

    I really appreciate your courage,
    yeh thats the truth.
    Indians dnt knw about what happened in SL.and what happening now.
    so dnt make any problem again without knowing the truth.
    Tamil people live peacefully now.becoz of SL government.
    Im a tamil girl.I would like to thank everyone who saved us from them(LTTE).

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