Asin Goes Srilanka,Kaavalkaran in trouble waters

Asin Goes Srilanka

Genelia just escaped narrowly and a ban from the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and now Asin seems to be walking into trouble voluntarily.

Asin is going to Sri Lanka on June 20, for the shoot of her upcoming film ‘Ready’ with director Anees Bazmee and super star, Salman Khan.

‘Ready’ is the remake of a Telugu film by the same name. The movie was originally planning to be shot in Mauritius, but, there was a last minute change and will be now shot in Sri Lanka. Seems definitely Sri Lanka, has already begun reaping the benefits of playing host to IIFA’s magnificent 11th edition. Recognizing the gorgeousness of the island nation, and the welcoming warmth received by the Indian Film Fraternity during another magical IIFA weekend  Salman seems to have recommended to change the location to Sri Lanka and the entire crew is following.

And also the Sri Lankan Government has given green signal for the shooting of the movie.

Earlier this month Genelia had a harrowing time explaining she did not go to Sri Lanka to participate in IIFA after the south Indian film industry issued a ban warning. Though there are still a few things still to be ironed out in the issue Genelia managed to convince the people and retained her film with ‘Velayudham’ opposite Vijay.

For Asin the case is much more serious as she is making a re-entry in Tamil with ‘Kaavalkaran’ opposite Vijay. Vijay being a strong supporter of Eelam people.Will have to wait and watch how Vijay is going to take this up as Kaavalakaran is expected to be released in August. Also does this go well with the Eelam Tamils around the world who would be contributing majorly to overseas business of ‘Kaavalkaran’?



  1. Aval.Thaan

    Whats wrong with going to Sri Lanka for a shooting for her movie? lol.. .. Vijay will have Asin IN his movie kavalkaran thats for sure//… atleast she didn't attend iifa.. Salman probably did it on purpose..

  2. Anonymous

    Asin i love you, you are running in bad times, you were kicked of the hindi project by john abraham and now Salman is trying to push u out of vijays movie too.take care mallu kutty,

  3. Manikandan

    dont go asin.sallu is trying to push you out of vijay movie too.we want to see you in tamil movies again

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