Asin funds for orphan girl’s education

Asin has decided to fund the education of Radhika, an eight-year-old orphan girl from Kerala till her graduation, revealed by the actress.

Following  Trisha, actress Asin has been doing social welfare activities on a quite pace for some time.

“I have been working for underprivileged  children’s education and child rights for a long time and yes, it is true that I have taken over the entire education cost of this eight-year-old”,  Asin said in a statement.

“Not just her, I have been looking at taking care of many other underprivileged children. I have plans of expanding my boundaries and help as many people as possible,” she said.



  1. Rikki

    Asin always like publicty,,funding for one girl,,no need of this much publicity,,,,if she wants really, she has to take care one full orphanage,,,this will be good most of child's future….Asin Dear Please expand your ideas so fast………..

  2. parvathi

    Asin… we r not fools to believe that u r doing this out of compassion.. this revealing of ur deeds shows its just a publicity gimmick. if u r genuinely involved, u wont publicise it… to gain attention…

  3. karthick

    not a great news,an ordinary person from middle class is adopting a child and bearing all expenses,
    a person like asin can do more than this not one child ,one whole ashram.
    then edit the news in flash.
    these are hummbuck

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