Asin Escapes with a Apology Letter

No decision has been taken in the meet convened to discuss taking disciplinary action against actress Asin for going to Sri Lanka for a Bollywood film, avoiding the warning of Tamil film organsiations.

A section of the organization was against the decision of banning the actress. The officer bearers of the organisation said a final decision will be taken after holding more talks later.

When Radha Ravi, secretary of the organisation, and his aides were keen on taking action against the actress, a team led by actor Sharat Kumar wanted a chance to be given to the actress. The meet later decided to get a written apology from the actress.

Radha Ravi Over the phone two days before the meeting



  1. dilip

    i dono y they scar to take a bold decision against asin…. it has to be a example for the forthcoming stars…… see in north indians they take decision ruf and tuff ….. it has to be implement here too… Sarath kumar and radaravis decisions fucking…… dono what makes them to have this stpes……… Y r they gave aplogise to her this will make other actress a stepstone to commit this kind of humanity disobedience …….  Please reconsider your decision …… Its worried me a lot even int the USA Tamil sangam had took the bold decsion y cant we…..  Please tamil person v should have unity to raise our voice towards this issue……   Sarath and radha ravi u fuck man ……….  u dont hav guts to take bold decision like others … if this countiues no one respecct us……..   Wem should have teach that mallu ass hole a lesson u guys missed ……..

  2. Harsha

    Thankyou Radha Ravi. You have a heart…. not the ass….le Sarathkumar. Watch out Sarathkumar for bad eggs on your face.

  3. Maya

    I am from Australia and we will make sure NO movies with Asin will run in Australia anymore. Every producer will loose their money.
    WARNING to all producers. Don't cast Asin.

  4. sonnathu nadanthathu...

    ithu nadakum endru naan sonnen…nadanthathu….asin rockssssssssssssssssssssssss………………other guys fuck offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff…………………..lolllllllllllllllllllll…………….ithu than da tamizh makkal……

  5. kamal

    <span>I am from the US and we will make sure NO movies with Asin will run in US anymore. Every producer will loose their money. 
    WARNING to all producers. Don't cast Asin.</span>

  6. Tamilan

    Nadigar Sangam and the actors like Sarathkumar have proved that they don't have any power in their…. you know what. As a single woman she challenged them and went and put a show with the Sinhala thugs and the first white elephant (Rajapaksa's wife).
    She did not listen or pay any attention to the Nadigar Sangam. She known these people are only full of shit and can't do a thing to her.

  7. vaazhgha

    ethula asin rocksnu solla enna erukku
    intha pannadainga loosuthanama allow panraanunga
    Aagamottham asin enimel enga thala thooka mudiyadhu!
    intha paithiyakaaranga kooda thamizh makkala compare panrathuku nee enna loosa?!

  8. anony

    what wrong in rana said. they took a stupid decision. then people can imagine any reasons like rana.may be she agreed for it with sarath kumar and radha ravi

  9. saroo

    asinukku yenatu nalwaltukkal [ kanparway sihitcaiku utaviyewar ]rataravi petcu oru nadunilay illai avar srilanka vantu partal unmay purium rattakaray srilankavil matdumtana nadantatu indiavil nadanta sarittiram illaya neetiyahawum niyamanatahawum seyalpadungal [itu yella matattin potanayum] asin seyal asal seyal iraivan unpakkam irukkiran

  10. rajjj

    Sema chance ..epada ivala matter pannalam nu irunthanunga..ipa sema chance use pannitanunga…tamil makkal ellam sariyana short term memory loss patients…

  11. antony

    you right asin babe "bussiness is bussiness"  dont wory about this stupits i wil behind you love you da chellam xx

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