Asin brand ambassador Naturals Fairever Cream

Asin unveiled the new ‘Naturals Fairever’ cream in Chennai yesterday, May 10, 2010. She has been the brand ambassador for the fairness cream, a product of CavinKare, a leading FMCG company for almost five years now.

A new commercial with Asin has also been shot and is already on air on television channels, according to the manufacturer’s press release.

At the event, Asin said, “The new Fairever cream with saffron whitening essence is the best choice for today’s young and contemporary women, who needs natural glowing skin.”

The Actress added ” We are all beautiful  we need a friend like Fairever to add that Spa in our life”

Asin unveils the Naturals Fairever Cream

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The new ‘Naturals Fairever’ cream has a blend of Kashmir Saffron to reduce the skin’s melanin content, milk and fruit vitalisers and triple sunscreens. The product is available for Rs 5 for a nine gram pack, Rs 28 for a 25 gram pack, Rs 50 for a 50 gram pack and Rs 70 for a 80 gram pack.

Naturals Fairever is targeted at SEC B and C, middle class young girls in their early 20s who are in college or have just started working.


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