Asin banned: FETNA(Federation of Tamil Associations of North America)

Asin banned: FETNA(Federation of Tamil Associations of North America)

Asin is being in the news for wrong reasons since her visit to Srilanka for shooting with Salman Kahan for her upcoming Hindi film ‘Ready’. Despite the ban threats from South Indian Artistes Association(SIAA), the actress went to Srilanka and also visited the war-torn places with the Presidents wife on note of a eye camp organised by the government.

While Nadigar Sangam had reported that the decision would be taken by joint consultative committee soon, the Federation of Tamil Associations of North America (FETNA), an umbrella body  36 Tamil organisations across the United States and Canada, said on Monday that it would boycott films starring Asin because of her visit to Sri Lanka.

Palani Sundaram, the chief of FETNA said, “The Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America will boycott films of Asin because of her visit to Sri Lanka despite a ban by the Tamil film industry.”

When asked about this ban, Asin said, “As an actress I cannot be held responsible for the selection of shooting spot. To respect Tamil’s feelings, I was stayed away from IIFA award ceremony.”

I met with Nadigar Sangam president Sarath Kumar in this regard. I am ready to abide by the joint committee’s decision”, she added.

The Member Sangams abiding to this decision are



  1. dilip

    vechangala appu……..   rombo scene potta ipadi thaan…. Asin mind that v tamil people recognise u as a great actress…  u cheap shit gone for bollywood for the sake of money….   ur shit s over v need this rule to b implement in tamil nadu tooo.. i dono y they r taking such a long time to take this decision…  this ll b a d example for the forth comers…. u saked yaar

  2. Anonymous

    This is ridiculous. What she says is right – "As an actress I cannot be held responsible for the selection of shooting spot." 
    These people are crazy. I read another article that they were trying to ban karunas from going to Sri Lanka. He has family members there. Doesn't the constituion of India gurantee the freedom of movement? Anyone can go where they want.
    You boycot the awards function, that is right but saying u can't go to Sri Lanka even for personal reasons is stupid.
    I won't be surprised if my comment is called as anti tamil.

  3. A Human

    Is visiting srilanka is criminal offence???????? freakish idiots…will they ban murali vijay playing for chennai superkings and tamil nadu when he comes to india again after playing in the 2nd match against srilanka in their own soil?????????

  4. Anonymous

    Completely agree with you. Sports & cinema are beyond caste, race,religion & war. Blocking it is so unsporty.

  5. kamal

    ur comment is not only anitamil but also anti human!
    check the website and then you will know whats behind karunas' cancelled visit!!!
    noone is stopping asin as an actress.noone is stopping karunas to see his relatives.
    But everyone knows these are just mere reasons to avoid backlash and continue their business in Tamilnadu!
    to try and create an image for a government that is involved in warcrimes is indeed againt humanity!
    I cant help but wonder how come some still dont even have the brains to "see" whats happening around!

  6. sporty

    vantaru sporty!
    dei goyyala!
    sports,cinema is beyond war?!
    vaa war nadakkum teatre poi padam paakalam.
    dont you get it!why should an international organisation ban! do you even understand the significance of this!
    freakish idiots! – enna english edhu? pongada………

  7. Anand

    We tamilians are never united on any issue, see even on this ban, we have thousand different opinions, untill we group together nothing can be acheived.

    Only when we join together our voice will be heard, else we will be continued to be treated like a minority class as always.

  8. shamini sri-lankan origin london

    Is this all organisation don't have any proper jobs to do. In this bussy world people have quate a lot to do. who is this Asin? what she is? Is she spend her single minit for any wellfare of the people of any country. she is just make your sex feeling up…….? that all…//// why you  all like responsible people weasting your time  to bother and baned and making her value up. can you people think about this? 

  9. Malar

    <span>yeah I agree with u anand 100%, v tamils have very very bad attitudes(even myself) we never united together and always trying to give negative comments about any tamils(now SR tamils and Indian tamils are fighting among them also, for who is best! kandraviiii) stupids, thats y all tamils are still behind with compared to others even we have good knowledge, i've seen so many different races peoples, we are idotic race among them!!!!!</span>

  10. raj

    nalla mudivu. ippadi pattavargalukku ippadithaan seiya venum.
    namma otrumaya kaatta venum.
    iva ini poe salmaan kahan da sunniya sooppittu padukkattum…

  11. Maya

    shamini sri-lankan from london – you sound really stupid. Obviously you don't have anything better to do.
    Just Shut-up.

  12. Maya

    Anand and Malar – you are NOT TAMILS. Don't pretend. You must be the Sinhala thugs who support Srilankans.

  13. Anand

    What makes u say that, Madurai karenda.. mara tamilanda..

    U say Tamil are united, i wonder how much of history or current affairs you know?

    One small eg:Do you know Eelam People's Democratic Party is a member of the current rajapakshe government.



  15. Malar

    um pondra thamilanukku oru thamizh ealam thevaya, i'm also against to Asin, but use descent words, shame dat u r tamilan, mr.raj, dont say u r tamilan plsss

  16. malar

    <span>u r correct mr.Anand, (i'm srilankan – jaffna tamil), u all people not thinking widely thats the problem. I'm the first ealam supporter,coz i want our tamil ealam back with that culture and education, still i'm dreaming for dat, but our tamils are very very …. i'm sadly saying that, if u realise urself(just think what u r doing in abroad – only leant bad words, bad things) please change ur attitudes. please dont give bad name for tamil ealam, just think how we were in LTTE control (1990 – 1995) for my point of view those were golden days, when it will come again????</span>

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