Arya’s Thali Trick with Amy Jackson

Arya -Amy JacksonArya shares some of his funny moments  at the sets Madraspattinam.

He says Amy has been my hottest co -star. But  the beautiful girl Amy was alarmed  throughout the shoot of Madrassapattinam. He laughs quietly Well, I was blackmailing her using a thali.

Now, don’t write it wrong The story goes like this. Apparently, before shooting the scene where I tie the thali around Amy’s neck, Amy had asked me what was the significance of  thali. And the joke that i told her was  if  I tied it around your neck, she would become my wife and she will not be able to go back to the UK.

So, whenever I  needed to get something done from Amy during the shoot, I would just tell her that I would tie the thali and Amy would instantly agree.Wasnt  that a smart move!! the entire press laughs..

Your Passions
I’m addicted to football and ensure that I play the game every morning. The passion for the game makes me hit the bed early every night.And I also love F1 and watch a lot of races. My favourite racer is Michael Schumacher, but unfortunately he isn’t racing well this season!

Are you are Filmy Freak 
I’m not much of a film person, in the sense that I don’t watch a lot of movies. However, I did watch a lot of Malayalam movies when I was young and never missed Mamootty or Mohanlal’s flicks.



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