Arya’s ‘bride-hunting’ reality show to be taken off air?


It has been reported that actor Arya’s bride-hunting television reality show on ‘Colors Tamil’ television channel might be taken off air.

37-year old Arya, known as the ‘Romeo’ of Kollywood, had been in and out of several affairs in the past with his co-stars but hasn’t yet fallen in love and got married. His parents, who were apparently tired hunting for a right bride for him, have now decided to locate the bride through the reality show on ‘Colors Tamil’ television channel.

16 ‘contestants’ have been finalized out of which one would be chosen as Arya’s bride in the programme anchored by actress Sangeetha. Arya had gone on record that he would get friendly with all of them before finalizing his to-be wife. Criticism has been leveled against the programme by netizens and others in print media about the actor’s temerity in hunting his bride openly via a reality show as it’s not a common sight.

A case has been filed with a Chennai Court seeking a ban on beaming of the above-said reality show and it remains to be seen what would happen to Arya’s bride-hunting efforts if the show gets banned!


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