Arya receives open support from Nadigar Sangam- On V C Guhanathan Controversy

Arya at a recent function
Arya at a recent function

Actor Arya has received the open support of Nadigar Sangam after the controversial speech he delivered in a recent awards function . Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) president V C Guhanathan had made remarks on the statement made by the actor at a Award function held at Kerala where Arya commented “carving out a career in Tamil industry is an easier job compared to that in Kerala. Here only the ones with talent can make their mark.”

But This statement was drawn into bad light by president V C Guhanathan during a recent audio launch function which came as a shock to the officials of Nadigar Sangam resulting in a statement  by the SIFAA (The South Indian Film Artistes Association) committee which read as,

“Arya is an asset to our industry and he has maintained good relations with producers, directors or any other members he has ever worked with. But your comment on Arya being against Tamil actors is false. There is no need for such cheap publicity stunts and it is to be reminded that a committee is present to take action on such issues” they added.

Good or bad actor Arya is surely enjoying the attention he is receiving after the incident.



  1. proud tamil

    Arya ?!! what theheck. he thinks he is anryan.but the fact is he is a substandard muslim. there is no place for him in our dravidian country.

  2. pranesh

    stupid….”proud tamil”how can u comment on arya like that.dravidian country? what is that? after all dravidian is only a term which anthropologist use to reffer people of a particular race… we all are human beings…remember that…and can follow any religion…stop this bias….if u are dare enough you prowe your mettle by acting films like arya…

  3. Nirmal

    V.C.Guhanathan is the toxic waste of the tamil movie industry. He and his brothers are a big Mafia gang involved in all sorts of nefarious activities. FLUSH OUT THE TOXIC WASTE!

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