Arya on Madrasapattinam

Arya on Madrasapattinam

Arya as Ilamparidhi has come live today as the day being a big day for  Madrasapattinam, a one-of-its-kind film,which  is hitting the theatres. There is a lot of hype around the film.

Disclosing details about his character in the film, Arya gushes, “Though Ilamparidhi is an ordinary washerman, he manages to steal the heart of Amy Wilkinson, the daughter of the governor of Madrasapattinam. He is caught in a position where he is unable to reciprocate his feelings. The day of Independence brings a colossal change in their lives. The film may be set in the pre-Independence era, but it’s more of an emotional tale between two love birds and not exactly the story of the freedom struggle.

Acting with  Amy Jackson, . “Amy is Miss Teen World 2008 and she has done a fabulous job in the movie. When she initially signed the film, she thought that she would have to work only for eight hours as per British standards. But when she realised that she needed to put in at least 16 to 17 hours of hard work every day, she didn’t bat an eyelid. She understood that it was a huge film and that there was a lot of money at stake. In fact, she started working so hard that she would often faint on the sets. We would panic and rush her to the hospital but the moment she recovered, she would be back to work. The fainting sessions went on for quite some time, but she never complained,” recalls the actor with a grin.

But was it any different to work with an actor from a different country? “Not really! After all, films are universal. I have worked with actors from the north and Amy was no different. As long as there is good camaraderie on the sets, there’s no need to fret,” muses Arya.

The film has also received support from the biggies in the industry and that pleases Arya no end. “Kamal Haasan sir and Shankar sir had presided over the audio release, which was held in a grand manner. Such support from the industry goes a long way in boosting one’s confidence. Moreover, every one in the unit has put their sweat and blood in the film and we want it to work.

Will Madrassapattinam sets the box office on fire, and take Arya to the big league, whose last venture Sarvan  did not really set the cash registers ringing? “Yes! It’s one of the landmark films in my career. My character is very close to my heart. I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” wraps up Arya.



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