Arya begins Vettai waiting for some fresh new hair


Avan Ivan that has been in the works for over a year now finally it is coming to an end around the first week of February. Vishal reportedly has undergone some serious grilling as everyone these days is tagging him up with at least a national award for his offbeat efforts.

There is a climax scene in the movie where he had to be in knee length water for almost 6 days amidst a dense forest, the gushing waters had small pieces of wood which pierced his vulnerable legs.

As for Arya, after the shoots end for Avan Ivan supposedly around the 1st week of February he goes on to act in Vettai after a gap of a month during March. Vettai is directed by Lingusamy and starres Arya and Madhavan in lead roles. The shooting of the flick will begin only in March thanks to Arya who has to grow his hair back which he apparently cut short for Avan Ivan. Madhavan too will be back in the meantime to add zing to the movie.

Good luck Arya we hope you definitely find some fresh new ‘h’air


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