Arvind Swamy pays 75 Lakhs as Divorce Alimony

Arvind Swamy
Arvind Swamy

Actor Arvind Swamy,the romantic hero of the 90’s who turned an entrepreneur after a gradual decline in offers in Kollywood, is experiencing a discordant marital life with wife of 16 years Gayathri Ramamurthy.Both of them are seeking divorce on mutual consent.

On Wednesday, the two appeared before Principal Judge, Family Court, S.Meenakshisundaram, who recorded evidence on their plea. In their petition, it was informed that Arvind Swamy would make a one-time payment of Rs 75 lakhs and a monthly maintenance of Rs 1 lakh to Gayathri.

“The monthly maintenance shall continue to be paid as long as Gayathri does not remarry,” the agreement states, adding that the monthly alimony is “not subject to enhancement, under any circumstances, whatsoever.”

Also Gayathri has a right to claim any of the movable or immovable property but Arvind Swamy is supposedly retaining the custody of the minor children. Gayathri will have custody of the children every Saturday and for seven continuous days during the summer holidays.

The court adjourned the matter to December 10 for orders where upon further actions will be taken.

The couple tied the knot back in June 3, 1994, and have 2 children Adhira Swamy and Rudra Swamy. The couple separated in December, 2003, and the children have been living with Arvind from then on. The reason for the case has been incompatibility of temperament between two parties.

At the end of the day it’s the children who suffer the most because of irresponsible parents. Is anyone even ready to care about their plea?



  1. arun

    all these ppl are after every guys money.. marry them have kids den ask for money when dey leaving..
    funni how she need 1 laks  a month to live.. all these girls are gold digging bi****

  2. usha

    correct ur words pls.. not all girls.. i know of women who work to suppprt themselves and their children bcos their husband doesnt give them a single cent.. but i cant accuse that all men are like tat rite?

  3. Boss

    I do accept Usha but you have to agree that most of the girls are money minded,all they care is about money! how many of married girls are now trying to be a family all they do is first chase our parents out ! ridiculous thatz why its better to keep away from such strange creation.Once there were women who were Gods but now there are just Dogs!!!

  4. Vasin

    Swamy ate a lot and became fat and bald so Gayathri left but she should have got a nice young Chennai guy quickly. 

  5. Vasin

    Shut Up. Girls are Nice and mostly we men are are wrong. If your parents are in the house how can you make love freely? Can you do it in the kitchen, wash-room, sitting room….. And also the love sounds. You idiot talk like the previous generation guys. Shut Up.

  6. Vasin

    Of course she would need money big time because they would have lived in a grand style before getting seperation. Ippo ava kudisala poi kudithanam panna mudiyuma? She must be given 75% of what Swamy made after their marriage because the marriage breaks because Swamy looks like an old man now. She would have foregone her career to look after the home and kids. Olaratha!

  7. seens

    Mostly nowadays Girls dont know how to live with Husband ,( im not complaining all Girls, its jus 10%)
    they cant adjust as their parents, also most parents nowadays encourage divorce,No compensation Help women or girls at one stage

  8. san33

    who knows wt was d actual prob in their case.. anyways i wud like to throw some points about ppl commented below.. evry person is different and hence we cant generalise an issue saying girls r bad and dey dnt give up for their inlaws and husband,, and well nobody is insane in this world to say no or hate ppl around you wen dey are too gud or polite  to u and care u… evry one is emotional and sensitive in some ways that makes small things to blow up big.. also wt1 thinks small issue is an very bigger issue for d other person.. wen care,trust n undstng lacks in one person… dat will make other person lose evythng 

  9. aravind

    today all men and women r become more selfish and less tolerant…atleast for the sake of that poor kids they should adjust……

  10. Jai

    cant believe this is Arvindswamy the hero of the nineties!! oh my .. the rest is their personal thing and always an usual hungama in a stars life! forget it!

  11. Rachu

    How can a woman live without kids ? I can’t even imagine !! That mother is the most irresponsible woman !

    Hey Arvind am sorry for you man!

  12. Vasin

    Every week she can bring a different athlete home. Don’t you like that? Well; some would like it; nothing wrong with that. 

  13. Vasin

    Swamy Diet;

    Awakener-Double Cup Filtered Coffee with Thick Milk
    Breakfast- Idly 10 Vadai 5 Dosai 3
    Brunch- Poori Potato Fruit Juice
    Lunch- 3 Course Rice Meal Vegetarian
    Tea- Tea Bonda 10
    Dinner- 3 Course Rice Meal Vegetarian & Fruit Salad
    Supper- Milk and Sweets

  14. kk

    Michael phelps the 8 gold medal winner in swimming was brought up by a single woman. His father is alive but never did anything for him. So its not that kids with single parents or with step parents will suffer. If atleast one parent is responsible then everything would be fine. And its really time to get the crap concept of “women should tolerate more than men in a relationship”.

  15. kk

    And its really time to get the crap concept of “women should tolerate more than men in a relationship” out of our minds. 

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