Arvind Swamy granted divorce

Arvind Swamy
Arvind Swamy

Arvind Swamy, the yesteryear chocolate hero of Tamil cinema, was on Friday obtained divorce from his wife Gayathri Ramamurthy by mutual consent from the Family Court in Chennai.

Its official Arvind Swamy and Gayathri Ramamurthy have split after marriage here at the Family Court in Chennai yesterday

Principal Family Court Judge S Meenakshisundaram announced that the marriage solemnized in June 1994 has been dissolved by a decree of mutual consent.

As notified earlier in our posts the agreement states, Arvind Swamy will make a one-time payment of Rs 75 lakh to his wife, in addition to a monthly payment of 1 lakh towards maintenance from the date of dissolution of the marriage.

Special mention was made on the topic of monthly alimony which would not be enhanced under any circumstances from now on.

The former couple has two children, Adhira Swamy of age 14 and Rudra Swamy of age 9.

We hope the children don’t suffer in any way and their parents live a peaceful life independently.



  1. jambulingam

    sonkey samy, he look like samiyar. look at this fatty ass hole samy. he was hero now waste lagees. what a comdey.

  2. even aguath

    fine done very good  if life  is not peaceful  to her live alone she will  be alright  may come back

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