Arun Vijay and his 6 pack

Arun Vijay
Arun Vijay

Arun Vijay wanted to flaunt his 6 pack physique way back in the movie Jananam bad luck back then he could not hold on to his super body as it took around three years which demanded strict discipline., a bygone dream which has seen the light with his new venture. The yet untitled flick will be directed by Magizh Thirumeni of Mundhinam Partheney fame supposed to be an action thriller. Thaman will be composing the tunes.

So let’s start with your comments on the character form the film. You are really having a great time looking at the mirror we hear?

Haha, oh yes. I’ve been on a crash diet for the last few months and I’m controlling intake of chocolates and rice and I’ve worked out hard for this look. I’ve taken tips from body builders in the city and books by popular international body builders on how to maintain a six-pack even during times when one might not be able to put in a lot of hours at the gym.

What an easy way out, we suspect it is this (

What was the reason behind this sudden obsession, you really love to flaunt your physique?

“No. I’m happy it’s come true at least now, and hope that it reinforces my action image.

Well, the industry knew how keen I was to show the six-pack on-screen when I was working in Jananam itself. It goes well with the character I play in the film too.”

We heard you are very much involved in the screenplay for the movie. Magizh must be good company isn’t it?

“Yes. Magizh and I giving our best to come up with a film that will be a neat package for audiences. It is different from Malai Malai and Maanja Velu. But there will be an undercurrent of mass elements in the movie; it won’t be in-your-face.

When is the movie scheduled to be shot?

It will be later this month.

Thanks a lot Arun Vijay. Our team wishes you luck for your new project.

Thank you for the interview.

Some actors think it’s all about having a great physique while others think otherwise.

As long as it’s a good movie do we really need to care about a six pack really, your call?



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