Aron Ralstons appreciation letter to A R Rahman

AR with AR
AR with AR

The movie 127 Hours is the triumphant story of mountaineer Aron Ralston . The story deals with survival of the hero Aron who sets on an expedition only to be stuck under a boulder in the Utah Canyon. In the process the hero is forced to cut his arm and drink his own urine.

Rahman who composed the scores for the film has already received his share of praises from fans and critics alike while Director Danny Boyle had earlier revealed that he was overwhelmed working with the Maestro Rahman who can literally speak with his music expressing each scene so vividly.

Now Aron Ralston the hero of the movie has come forward and expressed his joy working for the composer with a personal letter he presented to Rahman as a token of appreciation which read as follows,

“For A.R, Thank you for bringing your amazing music to my story – if only I had your soundtrack in the Canyon, I could’ve lasted another 127 hours. Best Wishes, A.R. (Aron Ralston).”

Well we definitely knew AR(AR Rahman) will click with AR(Aron Ralston).

The above image shows both of them together , you will find the letter below:

Rahman receives a thank you note from the actor
Rahman receives a thank you note from the actor


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