Arjun Anjaneyar Temple

Arjun builds world’s biggest Anjaneya Statue

Arjun Anjaneyar Temple

Coming October this year, a grand kumbabishekam would be held in Chennai to announce the erection of the 28-feet long mammoth Anjaneya statue at a garden situated in one of the farm-houses at Kerugambakkam off Chennai. The added piece of information that the farm-house in question belongs to ‘action king’ Arjun would make the holy event even more special for his fans and devotees of Lord Anjaneya.

Arjun, a fervent devotee of Anjaneya, decided to build a temple for Lord Anjaneya inside his farm-house at Kerugambakkam. A huge stone measuring 28.5 feet in length, 17 feet breadth and 9 feet in thickness was located near Bangalore after a frantic search. The stone was sculpted in the form of Lord Anjaneya in the form of offering prayers.

The mega-sized statue was then brought from Bangalore to Chennai’s Kerugambakkam by a mega-truck which was an arduous journey. A 3-feet dais was built inside the garden so that the statue can be erected on top of it. A special giant-sized crane has specially been brought from Mumbai to erect the statue on the dais, which is likely to take some months.

“Once the statue is erected perfectly, the temple tower would be built around it. We are planning to hold the Kumbabishekam some time in October this year,” says an excited Arjun.


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