Aridhu Aridhu Film Crew shoots Australian’s racist attack

Australian's racist attack on Indian shot by Aridhu Aridhu Film Crew

For the past couple of years, the press is full of reports of increasing number of incidents of racist violent attacks against Indians and Indian students studying in Australia.

 The crew of ‘Aridhu Aridhu’, which was shooting in Australia, stumbled upon one such incident. The incident was revealed by Harish, the debuting hero of the film ‘Aridhu Aridhu’, when he threw a party to the journalists recently.

When the director asked the cinematographer to casually shoot some portion of the surrounding prior to starting the actual shooting, they came across an Indian getting bashed up by a group of Australians. Caught by shock and surprise and not knowing how to react, the director and the cinematographer filmed the ‘real-life attack’ on the student and immediately handed over the video tape to a nearby police station.

Whether or not the complaint lodged by the film’s crew was acted upon by the Australian authorities in an altogether a different issue.


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