Aravaan specially erected Sets fall prey to seasonal winds


Award-winning director Vasanthabalan is busy with the making of his upcoming project titled ‘Aravaan’ starring Aadhi and Dhansika in the lead. At least on two previous occasions, the film’s shooting was marred by unsavoury and unexpected incidents and it has occurred for the third time, sending the Unit into a tizzy.

The script is reportedly set in the backdrop of incidents which occurred several centuries back. The shooting was going on in and around the Madurai and Tenkasi Districts at specially erected sets. The incident referred to is about the set depicting a cluster of thatched-roof houses which were erected for the shooting and which were ‘blown away’ by strong seasonal winds!

The 50-plus Kabir Bedi, who has acted in a handful of Hollywood films as well, would be debuting in Tamil movies with a significant role in the film. The Bollywood actor is the father of Pooja Bedi, yesteryear’s glamour-doll of Hindi films. Pasupathy also plays a major role in the film and would be seen after a long time.

The set stood erected in Thoranamalai near Tenkasi and consisted around 100 thatched-roof houses. The seasonal winds which hit the area blew away the houses in a few minutes’ time. An expensive camera, which had been hired for the shooting, also got damaged due to the strong winds. This mishap has forced Balan to shift his venue to Hogenakkal.

Disturbances notwithstanding, one learns that the period-film has been shaping up very well!


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