AR Rahman press note on Hosanna controversy

AR Rahmans clarification on Hosanna controversy

AR Rahman press note on Hosanna controversy

The song Hosanna was a clean slate, freshly juiced release appearing in both Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa and Ye Maaya Chesave. Howsoever Gautham Menon and AR Rahman’s joint collaboration in the Hindi remake of the same, titled Ek Deeewana Tha (EDT) has not been welcomed that easily.

It was the Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF) that came out with allegation of the song disrespecting religious values , saying, “Hosanna is a prayer in the Bible and sacred to both Jews and Christians, referring to God or Jesus Christ, with strong reverential and religious connotations.” They pressed for a public apology from the EDT makers, including composer Rahman, director Gautham Menon, promoters Fox Star studios and Sony, failing which would result in protests. The Oscar winning composer sent out his apology through a press release stating, “I had researched it and had consulted friends who are Christians about the use of the word ‘Hosanna.’ The song was a sensation when it was released in the south a couple of years ago, and went on to win all possible music awards and was well received by all communities. I am concerned about the sentiments of all those who appear to be hurt.” Director Gautham Menon defended his part saying, “There was no intention to hurt sentiments. The situation called for the word Hossana, as the hero cries out for Divine help.”

Hope that brings things back to normal.


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