AR Rahman to sue T-series over Katrina Kaif ad

Rahman to sue T-series over Katrina Kaif ad

Summer heat is on and your small screens are crowded with the ads for the perfect drink that will get you refreshed and beat the heat. The hottest amongst all ‘cold drink’ ads being aired, surely goes to Katrina Kaif sipping in some pulpy mangoes. A juicy task accomplished by the glamorous supermodel with much sensuality and if that doesn’t arouse your senses then AR Rahman’s tune in the background will suit your needs just fine.

It is the same ‘Lathika’s theme’ which introduced Freida Pinto in Rahman’s double Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. However Rahman has claimed that the makers of the ad used the theme without his knowledge and his lawyers have taken bold steps, ensuring to sue the stealers soon. T-series and Rahman’s  lawyers are engaged in heated debate over the rights of the ad and soon there will be settlement to this dispute soon.T-Series Owner Bhushan Kumar defended himself by saying that there has been some miss-communication between Rahman and his office people claiming the latter were not aware of the tie up.

Rahman’s the only composer who has got the rights to a tune after being sold to a music label as he receives royalty from his songs. Now using his tunes without his consent will not go well with the composer as he rightly seeks for justice.

Check out the ad below:



  1. Vijayan

    D o you know he copies? All are thinking that AR copies music and others are not. But the truth is AR doesn’t copy music. He uses only samplers which most western musician do. Actually i am not a fan of AR before knowing dis. But now i am a fan of him. If u want proof search AR copy works to know he is not a copycat. And also check others.



    talk something only if you know what you know is cent percent right. i give you only one sample check that.

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