AR Rahman joins hands with Dreamworks Animation

Rahman rolling the balls swift as ever
Rahman rolling the balls swift as ever

AR Rahman might have announced a break from the cine industry but the composer doesn’t stop making headlines. Rahman has now joined hands with Indian origin filmmaker Gurinder Chadha to make an animated musical.

The maestro will be working for Dreamworks Animation who have chosen the ‘Bend it like Beckham’ director and her husband cum producer Paul Berges for the flick ‘Monkeys of Bollywood’.

The movie inspired by the epic Ramayana has an interesting plot which outlines the effort of 2 brave monkeys who defend the world from the hands of an ancient demon.

“When Dreamworks announced the making of an animated Bollywood film, I just wanted to be a part of it and when I knew that A R Rahman is working I couldn’t ask for a more exciting project”, quoted American musical theatre lyricist and composer Stephen Schwartz who will also be joining the list of the illustrious cast.

Rahman has himself expressed his joy saying “Excited to enter the world of Dreamworks animation.”

Looks like the maestro is rolling those balls swift as ever.



  1. Vasin

    Do monkeys have big balls? One theory says ball size has a positive correlation to the promiscuity of animals! Going by that theory and how decent ARR is he must have small balls. Therefore he can roll them swift!

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