AR Rahman in Kashmir

AR Rahman in Kashmir Still

After the Oscar nights came to an end there was a surprising message that composer A R Rahman had to share with his fans. It happened so that Rahman’s son Ameen watched Toy Story 3 a couple of months back and he loved the movie so much that when the nominations came up he wanted the Toy Story 3 song to win the Oscar rather than daddy’s 127 Hours,  and so  was his wish fulfilled.

Now that the Oscar fever is over Rahman is busy composing the scores for the Bollywood movie Rockstar. There are also reports that the movie has some live clippings from the Bryan Adams concert which was held earlier. Rahman was seen chilling in his room in Kashmir and he is completely in love with the valleys.

Enjoy the beauty of Kashmir with Rahman.


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  1. lol

    blad, kollytalk talks shit, onec they say his gonna take a break and making excuses why he didnt win, stupid kollytalk

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