AR Raham Apologizes to Fans for the postponement of shows

Rahman, a rare gesture for a man of his stature has recently apologised to his fans for the postponement of his shows. Academy award winner A.R. Rahman, who will be resuming his world tour on July 23 in the UK issued an apology to his fans and all those who have contributed to the tour.

In the statement issued by A R Rahman,he said , “After four highly successful concerts, the tour was derailed by a serious accident in Detroit (USA), in which part of the stage structure collapsed, destroying most of the stage, lighting and musical equipment. Consequently, the itinerary for the shows had to be re-scheduled.

I regret any inconvenience I may have caused by the postponement of my shows.”

As he puts it, “In my 15 years of doing concerts I have always put my fans first. The accident in Detroit had a profound effect on all of us. The band, dancers, crew and I are all very disappointed, but it is the fans to whom I send the most heartfelt apology,” he stated in his letter The shows that were due to take place in Zurich on July 16, Paris on July 17 and Mannheim on July 18 have had to be postponed due to circumstances beyond our control..

Well, A R Rahman is so big, he’s famous across the globe, Yet, he’s astonishingly down-to-earth and it is this humility that makes him standout.


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