AR Murugadoss takes Vijay to Mumbai for next film

Vijay AR Murugadoss movie latest news

It’s final now. After wrapping up his current projects ‘Velayudham’ and ‘Nanban’ directed by ‘Jayam’ Raja and Shankar respectively in that order, actor Vijay has committed himself to do a film under the direction of A.R. Murugadoss (ARM). Soon after completing his upcoming film ‘7aam Arivu’ starring Suriya and Shruti Haasan in the lead, ARM would be starting work on the Vijay-starrer.

It is also said that either Priyanka Chopra (who had earlier paired up opposite Vijay for ‘Thamizhan’ a few years back) or Sonam Kapoor might be roped in as Vijay’s heroine in the film, which is as yet untitled. Sources close to the director say that in case both Priyanka and Sonam become unavailable for selection, a top Mumbai-based model might be introduced as heroine opposite Vijay.

The film, set in the backdrop of Mumbai, will have Vijay traveling to Mumbai and would trace his life beyond that in the Western Metropolis. As the script is about the various things which are typically Mumbai in nature, the director is said to be looking for a Mumbaikar as heroine. As such, the possibility of casting either Asin or Shruti Haasan is also not ruled out, it is learnt.

Quizzed about this, ARM said that he’d first wrap up ‘7aam Arivu’ and would then speak in detail about his project which would have Vijay in the lead.



  1. kaki

    who ever investing in this movie should thinks twice. i believe ar murugadoss so far has been a genious until he has chosen the no expression guy.

  2. siva

    shut up …get lost 

    A.R MURUGADOSS knows what he are not expert  in cinema just know to watch movie and crtisize it…vijay have aacted 54 movies so far..without expression he cnt stay this long in cinema feild and now all top director want to with vijay just because they knows he have hidden talented..just can critisize how much you want..but after velayutham, nanban, ar.murugadoss movie, yohan you guys will eat your words..mark my words..Vijay set to rock kollywood

  3. kaki

    reality is his acting skills are crap. tamil nadu has the most idiotic fan base. him lasting for that long raises  the taste of tamil movie goers. is he romantic no, action hero no. comedy no. so shutp up get used to it.

  4. Vasin

    Our folk like Vijay for his off screen simplicity; simplicity can be faked; simplicity is easy; simplicity could be the face laziness…….simplicity is boring…it is not good.

  5. HT

    Vasin – simply dont watch the movie when it hits the theater..its as simple as that.

    Kaki…. same for you..don’t watch,stay away from the theater and go watch some other movie..leave vj to his fans who appreaciates his simplicity.

    Muttal …as per your name , as u r one, …poooda

  6. Gana

    Vijay should join acting class and after finishing that course , can come back to acting if he manages to pass the course

  7. Muruganandhan Murthy

    Real time director should knows where they can go and get the name…thats what ARM choosed Thalapathi will be a right person not tharuthala….so tharuthala fans pls stop and continue your work I hope upcoming file ***otha will be a big flop like goa and saroja without any sense…like 00028 played and rolled coz of cricket not for story…..

    And also old ajitha cant live and play his role moving forward…..just go to crap and have shit…..

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