AR Murugadoss regrets Tamilians’ lack of knowledge of Bodhi Dharman

AR Murugadoss on Bodhi Dharman

Director AR Murugadoss has regretted the fact that not many Tamilians seem to be aware of the existence of Bodhi Dharman, the original Tamilian who was a great achiever. “While the entire world is aware of Dharman and is celebrating his deeds, most of the people in the State seem to be hearing about him for the first time, thanks to Suriya playing the great man’s role in the film 7am Arivu,” said Murugadoss.

7aam Arivu, which is touted as a landmark film in the history of Tamil cinema, is the second film which brings the highly successful Ghajini combo of Suriya and Murugadoss together. The film also launches the talented and amazingly beautiful Shruti Haasan, elder daughter of Kamal Haasan, as heroine in Kollywood. Udhayanidhi, the producer, has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the film doesn’t lag behind when it comes to expensive sets and graphic sequences.

Suriya and Murugadoss addressed the media on the eve of the film’s release in a month’s time on 26th October. “The Pallava Prince Bodhi lived in Tamil Nadu aroud 1,600 years back. He globe-trotted during those days when transport wasn’t an easy task and even reached as far as upto China. It’s Dharman who invented a famous martial art from in China and as a testimony to his deed, we find Dharman’s statues erected all over China.

“Dharman’s statue stands majestically in the renowned Shaolin Temple in China. The Chinese believe Dharman is an ambassador of Lord Buddha. Irrespective of the many achievements of Dharman, it’s indeed ironical that people hailing from Knacheepuram where Dharman was born seem to be unaware that he once lived in their city. I’d love people to name their sons after Bodhi Dharman,” says Murugadoss.



  1. anonymous

    ivare indha film ku dhan information collect panni iruparu .. ipo yelathaiyum therinjukitu scene poduraru 

  2. u1


    Asst directors research panni koduthaa, nalla thaan pesuraanga……

    Dheena film name ku padhil ,ivar dharma nu per vaika vendiyadhu thaanae ivarku therinchu irundhaa

  3. dinesh

    shame to be tamilans,no problem murugadoss n their team had brought the history of bodhidharman in lime light we should respect the team bcoz if they had not taken this matter we would nt know who is bodhidharman?
    but he is not so talented as selvaraghavan (aayirathil oruvan is a great film nobody in indian cinema cant think the story of that film)

  4. Tamilian

    even i m feeling shame to tell u as a Tamilian (Mr. Dinesh) ………….
    If u r giving compliment to any good deed than plz dont compare with some1 else………..
    its not known as compliments, its a Comparison……….

    Idha ellam oru polappa???????? If u have that much guts than direct a movie like AR Murugadoss…….
    But I m proud to be Tamilian as well as an Indian…………
    Check ur DNA, i think so u r a Dong Lee’s Generation……………

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