AR Murgadoss 12 crore demand forces SAC to back out

AR Murgadoss’s 12 crore demand forces SAC to back out

 AR Murgadoss 12 crore demand forces SAC to back out

Just a few days back the much awaited VijayMurugadoss flick was officially christened with the title Thuppakki (Gun in English).Now this new red-hot project has popped up some fresh updates. A birdie from the sets of Thuppaki revealed to us that the movie is no longer being produced by Vijay’s dad SA Chandrasekhar (SAC).

On further inquiry, it was learnt that director AR Murgadoss’s demand for a 12 crore salary came as too much of a fee for SAC.  Murgadoss’s rising demand was the lone reason why the producer backed out of the flick. While SAC chose to withdraw his cards, producer Kalaipuli S Thanu stepped in agreeing to cut the cheque for a 12 crore remuneration. As of now, matters seemed to have settled down with AR Murgadoss’s and Kalaipuli S Thanu coming to a mutual consent. The flick stars Vijay and Kajal Agarwal in lead roles with the first schedule kicking off in Thiruchendur, later followed by a 45 day schedule in Mumbai. Thuppakki also has noted cinematographer Santhosh Sivan behind the lenses and composer Harris Jayaraj providing some soulful music.

A 12 crore salary, that’s a handsome amount to be pocketed….hmmm





  1. Smile

    12 crores ellam oru matterey illai that too for a talented director like Murugadoss…eppadiyum padam odidum….so SAC ku labam dhaney…

  2. Haters are my motivators

    Keep on hating on vijay…he makes the money while you idiots just cry and whine about other peoples life hahaha 

  3. meena

    if vijay act films flop, why if u act your movies goes to boxoffice. 1st nee atleast oru small drama pannamudiyuma. 

  4. usha

    @Hater are my motivators – Can we say the same thing when u guys comment abt surya? he makes money too while u bunch of ppl are hating him!! but the only difference is that he works hard for the money while vijay’s DUPE just “flys” around and bashes some guys.. there’s alot of difference to that man..

  5. Tamilian

    A 12 crore salary, that’s a handsome amount to be pocketed….hmmm

    tamila nam ellaum Enkaipoiukerum

    bakathu Nattalu tamilan chethu padigran

  6. Haters are my motivators

    hmm where do you see me makin such statement about suriya? if you have nothing to back up you comment with please dont talk. thx…
    and for a fact…vijay does “flys” and bashes…that gets him the money…let me see you do that? and its still working hard on his part…plz im not arguing but its disapointin to see people just be ignorant and talk about one actor to another…for example…look at superstar and where he is…he did flyin n bashin and he the top actor…not comparing but to prove something.

  7. Haters are my motivators

    DUPE…flys…yes but he has his way of acting therfor its not dupe doin da hardwork…da actor has to attract the audience and vijay does it in his way…you cant talk down on someone just cause he has a dupe…

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