Anuya is the mystery woman in Nanban

Anuya the mystery woman in Nanban
Anuya is the mystery woman in Nanban

Earlier we had talked about another mystery woman to be included in Nanban. Now we know who she is as it has been confirmed that the lady is none other than Siva Manasula Sakthi fame actress Anuya Bhagwat who impressed Director Shankar with her performance.

Even though she will have a short presence she surely will create a lasting impact playing Ileana’s sister (earlier played by Mona Singh).Those who  saw the original 3 idiots still vividly remember the scene where Aamir Khan(being played by Vijay) gets his brains working only to pull a baby out(this time from it will be from Anuya’s womb) just with the help of a vacuum cleaner as  streets were blocked owing to stormy weather conditions.

Statutory warning: Don’t try this at home.

(Even though Aamir cried out “Aal Izz Well”)



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