Anushkas affection with ‘Vaanam’ transgender Nikki

Anuskha and Nikki
Anuskha and Nikki

For those of you who must be wondering about the gender of the person playing the role of a transgender in the film ‘Vaanam’ who is spotted with Anushka most of the times, the person in question is actually a transgender in real life too! Nikki, the transgender, also happens to be the personal, hand-picked make-up woman of Anushka.

Usually, actresses tend to keep on the sidelines their make-up men/women, touch-up men/women and hair-dressers. Though the actresses lavish praise on these artistes, they hardly bother about the salary/fee given to them and never bother commenting about their remuneration or the kind of accommodation these artistes are offered by the Unit.

Actress Nayantara, however, has always differed from the rest of her pack in this issue. She would always try to ensure that her make-up team gets the same kind of comfort that she is given by the producer. After Nayantara, the lanky Anushka is also held in high esteem by these make-up artistes as she too has showed her concern for their welfare on many occasions.

When director Krish was looking for the appropriate person for the role, it was Anushka who recommended Nikki for the role. Now that ‘Vaanam’ has turned out to be a successful venture, Anushka is said to be asking all the producers and directors visiting her to sign her up for their films to try and look for a ‘role’ in their film for Nikki too!

So nice of Anushka to be doing so!


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