Anushka:Have a pack of condom with you like a cell phone.


It’s a sad fact that in the movies these days everyone is happy to see sensuous scenes on screen and never complain about it as they walk out of the movie theater.

Everyone has come to accept skin show on account that a movie these days can’t survive without some cheap tricks of the trade.

Although there are exceptions and things are changing for good with time. One actress has recently come forward to spread awareness amongst the youth in the nation who get so easily carried away by the trends in cinema and fail to understand a life beyond fantasies.
Reportedly the ravishing beauty Anushka who has made many hearts throb with her roles attended an event in Hyderabad that spoke about AIDS awareness.

She openly encouraged the youth to take precautions in their relationships and she went on to say.

“These days the young men are having many relationships. Though the social organizations tried to change the youth regarding this, there has been no significant change according to the statistics”

“All the youth has to do is buy a pack of condoms and always keep it with them like a cell phone.”

We appreciate her bold attitude in expressing the issue.

As for her fans, well that’s so easy friends isn’t it? We encourage the readers to really go forward and get that pack, its better to be safe than to regret later.



  1. aravind

    most of the comments r targeting anushka…some fools saying why abt if the gal is u r sister and some others like poorani commenting abt true love….enna anushka sonna ellrum keepangala……if she said oruvanuku oruthinu makkala ellam thirunthiduvangala…wht she told is 100% correct…..its very practical too

  2. aravind

    sir neega raman than…i will accpt it…..but wht abt other guys..all wont be like u….she didnt mention gals in particular or boys in particular…..she just said whoever indulges in such acts keep condoms…..i have seen in Delhi where gals used to buy condoms frm vending machines that too in front of a college……do they dont have brothers or sisters……wht r u trying to comment……i accept u r words to sm extent but u cant go and prevent people who indulge in such acts…just she told play it safe

  3. aravind

    poorani why u target boys???//does gals dont indulge in such acts????dont always find fault with boys……ennamo boys mattum than gals kedukuramathri erruku unga messs…..summa yetho peria devi piravi mathri solreenga….wht right u have to give such a bad comment abt guys…..i know there r many guys spoiled by gals…so just keep u r mouth shut and stop bitching abt boys

  4. aravind

    boss kalakeetnga…….AIDS vanthu savalam ana condoms use pannakuathu..hahahaha vijay um pooranium ethan than yethir parkaranga

  5. aravind

    haiooo ellina neega ellam culture thuuki niruthuveengalo……..i agree with her views…..u people would just act like a perfect gentle man………everybody is gentle man untill the opp knocks the door

  6. durai

    yenda poi pesura……nee romba yokiama…chumma netla peria pudingiyatam mess panra…un wife thana yen da condoms use panra?????unaku aids vanthurum bayama????/loose mathri post pannatha….

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