Anushka to appear in Court in land deal case

Anushka in trouble
Anushka in trouble

The towering yoga instructor-turned-actress Anushka Shetty, who is finding it a bit too difficult in Kollywood to find heroes who match and measure upto her height, has been faced with a legal tangle for no fault of hers.

In an age where an increasing number of actresses are taking to Court to seek redressal of their grievances, Anushka is under fire in a land deal that had unexpectedly boomeranged on her.

A few years back, the lanky actresses purchased a plot of land measuring 2,700 square feet in Vizag city in Andra Pradesh, when she hadn’t made it big in the film industry as an actress. The lanky Anousha found out only recently that she had been cheated by the real estate broker who helped her with the deal that too in a tough situation, when  the ‘actual’ owner of the land she had purchased the land  filed a written petition in the Court against her. After consulting with her lawyers, the leggy lass is all set to appear in the Court on 28th January to defend herself.

No prizes for guessing that the Court Hall would be filled to capacity on that day!



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