Anushka Shetty is my role model,says Amala Paul

Amala Pauls role model is Anushka

Amid the controversy surrounding her untimely ‘exit’ from the film titled ‘3’ which was to pair her opposite Dhanush, actress Amala Paul has revealed that she looks up to her ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ co-star and actress Anuskha for inspiration whenever she is in a downcast mood. The young actress has termed the lanky Anushka Shetty a.k.a. Anushka as her ‘role model’ and has added that she would love to follow suit in Anushka’s footsteps.

‘Deiva Thirumagal’, directed by Vijay and released recently, has won loads of critical acclaim. The film has ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram playing the lead role along with Anushka and Amala Paul. The two actresses reportedly shared a wonderful rapport in between them during the making of the film, making director Vijay’s task easier.

Quizzed as to what ‘specialty’ she found in Anushka, Amala’s reply is spontaneous. “Anushka is great fun to have around and is a nice friend. In fact, it’s Anushka who went out of her way to strengthen our friendship during the shooting of the film. I value her a lot as an actress and reasons to think her of a real-life ‘role model’ for me.

“We both are chatter-boxes and got along very well together. To be frank, I was left speechless after witnessing the simplicity with which she conducts herself despite having achieved so much in such a short span of time. I’d like to emulate herself and keep my feet grounded when I do court tremendous amount of success in my career in the near future. Most of the times, I address her as Sweety (Anushka’s actual name).

“My career is looking great guns; I have just signed up a Telugu film opposite Naga Chaitanya which would be my launch-pad in Telugu. I play a bold girl who mistakenly falls for a rowdy after witnessing his humane side. In my upcoming Tamil film titled Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal (MUK), I’m paired opposite Atharva in an interesting role,” says Amala and concludes by saying that audience would love her in MUK.



  1. soso

    first she said she walked out of vaagai soo da vaa but i saw the director’s interview in which he said he removed her from the film bcos she could not turn up for rehersals.. now she was sacked from “3” bcos she didnt turn up for photoshoots.. but she’s giving reasons again that she “parted ways amicably”.. she looks gd and acts well but has got attitude problem i think..  
    gd that she takes anushka as role model.. learn from her gal..

  2. Vasin

    Amala is naturally arrogant. I like that. She is sexy and good at her job; acting; sharp expressions. I always belived modesty is pretence. Very rarely simplicity could be the face of investment of many hours of thinking and experience like Mohandas Ghandi but again I don’t like him either; he directed India in a wrong direction. 

  3. .

    She is naturally arrogant, but is very modest and simple……can’t see how that goes along together

    Gandhi directed India in a wrong direction? How?

    You have all the wrong ideas in your mind, people would welcome new, unique ideas, but not wrong ones.

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