Anushka Shetty in a 3D horror Mollywood film

Anushka Shetty in a 3-D horror Mollywood film

Anushka Shetty in a 3D horror Mollywood film

Anushka Shetty does enjoy a great fan following in both Kollywood and Tollywood and now it’s Mollywood for the actress. She made a striking impression with her horror role in Arundhati back in 2009 and was quite surprised on being narrated another horror script by a known Mollywood director.

This new flick will be directed by Vinayan, who is on the look out for a suitable heroine for his 3-D horror movie. He plans to release it across South India in all 4 languages namely Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada and has zeroed in on Anushka for her the big role.Vinayan’s story is based on the popular Bram Stoker novel Count Dracula that already has a cult following in Hollywood .On being inquired what’s new about this Dracula story the Director says, “It will be an Indianised version and it’s a fantasy horror film in 3D.” The shoots for the movie will take off by February 20th in Romania, the same spot as mentioned in the novel. But the actress is yet to adjust her dates even though things look a lot hopeful. Anushka will play an MBBS student and the daughter of a sorcerer, as she falls in love with a strange guy who appears in her dreams.

Lucky strange guy…and good look on your Romanian trip Anushka…:)



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