Anushka Vidya Balan

Anushka praises Vidya’s ‘boldness’ in taking on serious roles


Anushka Vidya BalanLanky Anuskha remains a dream girl to many of her fans and movie-goers and is widely admired by her fans for her pretty face, a figure-to-die-for and her acting credentials. However, there is one contemporary actress who has impressed Anushka most happens to be the Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, the latest national award winner under the ‘best actress’ category.

“I really appreciate Vidya’s boldness in taking on roles which are usually set aside by established and leading actresses; it’s this trait in her which has made me her fan,” says Anushka while commenting about Vidya. The Palakkad-born Vidya’s choice of roles in recent years in films such as Ishqiya, Paa and The Dirrty Picture (TDP) have given her a new-found status in Hindi films where actress from South have mostly struggled to gain a foothold.

Vidya followed her national award-winning performance in TDP with another mind-blowing performance in Kahaani in the role of a pregnant woman. Anushka, who is widely tipped to star in the Tamil remake version of TDP in Vidya Balan’s role, is also said to be very enthusiastic about playing Vidya’s role in the Tamil remake version of Kahaani as well.

“Vidya’s daring approach and her ability to shine in all kinds of roles have rubbed on me too. I also have this tendency of trying out new things and taking on roles which challenge my acting instincts,” says Anushka even as her fans wait for the day she is officially announced as the heroine of the Tamil remake version of TDP!


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