Anushka moved by Vikrams appreciation of her acting

Vikram appreciates Anuskha

The lanky Anushka is on ‘Cloud 9’. Why not? She has every reason to feel so. After all, her latest Tami film ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ is not only running successfully but also has managed to win critical acclaim from the print and television media as well as the audience. The film, which has Anushka playing a lawyer, has Vikram playing the lead role with Amala Paul completing the main cast.

Anushka is quite happy that she has delivered back-to-back hits in ‘Vaanam‘ and ‘Deiva Thirumagal’. She looked visibly excited at the thanks-saying press-meet held by the crew of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ a couple of days back in Chennai. In a casual chat, she said “Without an iota of doubt, my role in Deiva Thirumagal is the one which has won me more appreciation in my career as on date.

“The advantage of starring alongside great actors like Vikram is that I too manage to get some ‘footage’ of the appreciation and accolades that pour in for their performances. Like in ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, my biggest hit in Telugu was ‘Arundhati’, which was also a performance-oriented role. It only goes to show that audience never fails to appreciate good work.

“Glamour can’t take one to the top. It’s longevity too is for a very small period of time. I have starred in many commercial films and in glamourous roles. Audience like the glamour quotient but tend to forget you the moment they exit from the halls. Even the fame one manages to achieve through glamour is a short-lived one. Only through performance and emoting, one can win over the audience’s hearts.

“I was extremely delighted when Vikram compared me to the late and legendary actress Savithri and said that I was the ‘modern day Savithri’. Even if I sign up commercial films in future, I’d ensur ethat the script is a substantial one which has some scope for me to display whatever acting credentials I have got,” concludes Anushka, the latest ‘dreamgirl’ of Tamil Nadu.



  1. Smile

    Yes…i liked Anushka in Arundhathi and DT.I think these are the 2 movies in which she has proved her mettle in acting so far.I think she should pick such roles.Glamour is required but minimal with more focus on acting.Full-a ezhuthu pothikitu nadichalum indha kaalathule yaarum parka matanga….

  2. Aravind

    beauty with brain and talents…also humble and out spoken..wht a character u r darling…loveeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. june

    yep the director is very decent to have one of the top heroines in the field in a non-glamourous position…choose more roles like this anushka

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