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Anushka Shetty
Anushka Shetty

Actress Anushka has opined that films like ‘Arundhati’ are made only rarely. “Films like ‘Arundhati’, which had a powerful character for the heroine in a woman-centric film, are not made quite often in any language,” says Anushka.

The lanky Anushka debuted opposite Madhavan in a dud titled ‘Rendu’ more than six years back. The film, directed by Sundar C, didn’t fare as well as expected and this made Anushka switch to Tollywood and try her luck in Telugu films. She did many films in Telugu but it was the blockbuster ‘Arundhati’, which released in 2008, proved to be the turning point in her career.

‘Arundhati’ was dubbed in many languages and did a rousing business. This paved the way for Anushka’s re-entry in Tamil films with Vijay’s ‘Vettaikkaran’, which did average business. ‘Singam’, which paired her opposite Suriya, did very well last year. She now expectes ‘Vaanam’ which pits her opposite Simbu, to further boost her career prospects in Kollywood.

“My height is definitely not a factor which prevents me in taking up movie offers. I’m not a girl of abnormal height; may be, I’m slightly above-average when it comes to height. I hadn’t faced any problems during the shooting of any of my movies due to the ‘height’ factor; it’s the media which hypes it.

“I have been brushing up my Tamil dialogue delivery. This year, I hope to make a big impact in Tamil films,” concludes Anushka.



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