Anushka and Trisha Drug Ambassadors

Anushka and Trisha Drug Ambassadors

The hunt for Drug peddlers has been made severe in Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra police have revealed some shocking news, how the drug peddlers and actors are linked to each other. The drug peddlers do not sell the drugs with their original name such as opium or cocaine.

They name the drugs after the actresses who are hot in the market. By selling this way the drug peddlers have minted Crores of rupees.

It seems businessmen are interested with the names that are titillating. Anushka who is hot in Andhra and Tamil Nadu is the name of the drug called Ecstasy. Drug opium has been named as Trisha. The police have also informed that they have found out that 8 actors and actresses are involved in this drug affair and in a short time they will be conducting enquiry and submit a report.



  1. Katic

    How many of we smokes, how many of we drinks, how many of we does manythings….its all part of our personal life and only celebreties didn't have this personal priovacy life. They also one among us, humans…they too have all kind of feelings….No one knows it happened really but media writing line by line in second to second…Funny world.

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