Anushka and Bhumika Chawla in a new flick

Bhumika Chawla and Anushka in a new flick

‘Munbe Vaa’ Bhumika Chawla and presently low-on-glam lady Anushka Shetty are coming together in a movie titled Thulli Ezhunthathu Kadhal. The movie is a romantic offering with an underlying theme of those golden college days. This upcoming Anushka-Bhumika flick is a remake of hit Telugu blockbuster Thakita Thakita. The movie will have Bhumika playing a professor while Anushka plays herself as an actress onscreen… we mean she is a heroine…like a real heroine playing a heroine in the movie (urrgghh….guess….. you got the point)

Apart from the two hot and cute faces there are around 40 other actors who will star in the movie. Director Sri Hari Nanu who is directing the remake disclosed that all the 40 actors had been carefully selected after being drilled through a strict audition procedure. As a result the 40 odd group has talented faces from around the world including actors from metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and London.

Let’s look forward to some great performances from both Anu and Bhumika.



  1. Smile

    Looks like both are good friends.Bhumika’s hubby Bharath Thakur was Anushka’s yoga master if i am not mistaken.But Bhumika looks younger than Anushka.Anushka could have played a professor and Bhumika the heroine.Either way,both beauties are going to rock on-screen….

  2. Machakaran

    why are they still bringing in bumika? she looks old and is a married lady… why do we  want to see her fat belly???

  3. Vasin

    Ethuku Bhoomika maathri aaganum?

    Yarum Yoga is a method invented by old swamys….Lazy n OLD Hindu Swamys always looked for short cuts..saapdama irkarathu…vegitarianism…pichai edukarathu…prachna varumnu bayanthu kalyanam/love pannikama vidrathu….peraanantham(no pleasure no sorrow)….ramayanom maathri katha elthi janangal yemathrathu…AND yoga.

    Stretching is cool but you need real running to be healthy…saagra maathri moochu vaanga odina than any one can be really healthy….Second push ups

  4. Smile

    @Ram,@Dia….Hey,naan ungalukku enna paavam pannean?Mokkai dhan mokkaiya olaruraruna neengalum adhai ‘like’ panreenga?Naan ungalukku barama erundha sollunga,I’ll not come here again….

  5. Smile

    @juju,Rama and Vasin…..Aiyo….akilandangkodi brahmanda nayagargale/nayagigale…theriyama sollitean.Kannathule potukirean.Enna mannichidunga…aala vidunga!

  6. All Kollytalk fans

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  7. Smile

    @Mokkai…..Naan un kaile kedaivhadhane….Nee en kannule pattale adhu unakku kadaisi naal.Odiporadhu naana illai neeyanu parkalam….

  8. Smile

    @All Kollytalk fans….

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  9. Smile hater

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    Nallavamadri drama podre, Sirikki nayye

  10. Mokkai

    Dialogue onnum korachallai illai! Vasin thinks ur from US and he is chatting with u.. imagine what happens if he gets to know you are from malaysia!! vadai pochai!

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