Another Writer Claims Endhiran is his story

Arnika Nasar

Last  Monday Tamil Naadan claimed Endhiran story was his,now we hear another popular writer Arnika Nasser also claims Endhiran as is his story and has filed a copyright-infringement complaint to the Chennai police alleging that the plot of Super Star Rajinikanth’s latest blockbuster ‘Endhiran’ was lifted from his story. Nasser is seeking unspecified damages as well as “Story” credit for Endhiran.

This allegation comes just three days after writer Aarur Tamil Nadan, who is a deputy news editor with ‘Nakkeeran’, had approached the city police commissioner and lodged a complaint against the director and producer of ‘Endhiran’, claiming that the film was based on his story Jugiba’, published in Iniya Udhayam’ magazine in 1996 and republished in another magazine, Dhik Dhik Dheebika’, in 2007.

Aarur Tamil Nadan
Aarur Tamil Nadan

As per the complaint filed Thursday in Chennai Police, noted novelist Arnika Nasser maintains he penned a sci-fiction Novel in 1995 titled ‘Robot Tholirchalai’ (Robot Industry), which was published in ‘Maalaimathi’, a subsidiary journal of Kumudam publications.

Nasser  said his story had — among other things — robots being appointed in medicine and police, a robot memorising 36 lakh pages in an hour in a library, robots trying to overpower humans, a villain robot splitting into many robots, and a mangled robot regaining its power.

He claimed that he saw Endhiran four times and analysed the film scene by scene before coming to the conclusion that it was based on his 1995 novel. โ€œMany incidents in my novel have taken the shape of important scenes in the film,โ€ he alleged.

He said he is the sole proprietor of the robot-industry story and director Shankar had intentionally stolen the corestory of his novel ‘Robot Tholirchalai’ and made it into a film.

Producing printed copies of the novel as proof, he urged the police to file a criminal complaint under section 63 of the Indian Copyrights Act.

“This is against the copyrights act and I request the city police commissioner to take legal action against Shankar and other persons responsible for making the film,” Nasar told after filing the complaint.

The petition was forwarded to central crime branch for further inquiry.

One thing is certainly not clear, one Robo Movie is released and there is sequel of claims, why no has claimed a copyright to the same love story  and family sentiment subjects our movies have been doing for years and years.



  1. Randy

    He is another seeker of cheap publicity..How many persons would come to the credits of Endhiran story like this?

  2. Fact

    OOtha avanum avan munjum……. Poolu……Apadiyae…un kadaiya irundalum ennna…. ? un Book a neeyae vangi padichiruka matae…… shankar’s Film a whole world is watching

  3. Sathyan

    ” One thing is certainly not clear, one Robo Movie is released and there is sequel of claims, why no has claimed a copyright to the same love story and family sentiment subjects our movies have been doing for years and years. ”

    Because the same love story  and family sentiment is there in every house, city, state.
    And every director is not behind big 150c budget movies like shankar.

    If you want branding like Spielber / George Lucas / James Cameron – you better think on your own.
    What you are doing is Plagiarism – “the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions, and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

    If you think its ok to steal others work, then pls dont come talking about cinema piracy. Walk the talk.

    But about the movie, its a great accomplishment any Indian director has ever achieved, i see it as Terminator Part 5. You are a great movie maker, pls be original too.

  4. Karel Capek (INVENTER OF ROBOT)

    dei annikku nasar kusu munji!! goyalaaa

    any robot would scan any books you idiot you illitrate bastard, mothala antha storya nee entha hollywood movie la sutta???

    eruma maadu arivu illaya unnaku??? any computerized machine would do all that came on that movie you idiot tat too in a sci-fi movie anything is possible.

    kelaboldee poi soru thinnutu nalla koratta vittu thungu.


  5. Karel Capek (INVENTER OF ROBOT)

    avan bookaa avan mattume thaan padichu irukaa, ithula padatha 5 thadava paathanam korangu.

  6. Robot

    pooda peee vayee Nasar naayee!!  :-E  un vaayeleye maaada vittu mirikaa!!

    robot na books scan thaan pannum, innoru machina pannum thats how everythings made around us didnt watch tv ads where robots making cars.

    robot na ithu ellam thaan pannum, maaduna saani podum idiliya pendu veikum??? like wise robo na antha movie la vantha ellatheyume seiyum thats why they invented robo at the 1st place.

    cheee vekkama illa?? ilichite pose kudukara galeej vaayee

  7. Thiru(tu) Selvan

    “Enthiran,Irobo, Terminator and all sci-fi movies are mine only. James cameron and Shankar stole my stories from my house, when I was using the rest room. Can somebody publish this statement in all Magazines and make me famous? My name is Thiru(tu) selvan”…

  8. Fanofendhiran

    Yei kilatu naye! panni payale! karuvapayalae! nara vaayaa! un munjila saaniya karachu ootha. Un vaayile kaludhai moothiram adika…nee lam soru than thingriya! Ethana peru ipdi kilambirukeenga. veetla un pondati kaathirupa. ava kaala amukku po.

  9. NASAR


  10. sano

    lol, these are stupids. the story could be similar but not the same. look at the english industry, many movies has story which begins with a problem, then a hero comes, does a big battle then wins.

  11. thalaium thalapathium onnu vikram surya vaaila mannu......

    Thiru and Nasar good comments……… intha punda four times padatha paarthu analyze pannunanam……… pudungi en copy adichu ezhuthunathu maranthuducha…………. mothala intha punda vaayanukku robotna ennanu theriuma……….. neeiye senapannikku manichan vesham potta mathirithan irrukka……… athukaaga panningalam unkitta copy rights keka mudiuma…………. kena punda ini pose kuduthutu munnadi vantha ………………………

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