Anoop shoots atop 2000 ft hill for Marumugham


The forthcoming flick Marumugham is a romantic thriller in the making. It stars actor Anoop and Mumbai model Ranya in the lead role. Directed and scripted by Kamal the flick recently completed its first schedule shoots in Kodaikanal.

Actor Anoop is the son of Tollywood producer V Bhaktha. Graduating from DG Vaishnava College he trained under Master Jayanthi’s at Swinger Dance school .Talking about his Marumugham role the actor says, “It’s not just another romantic flick. The script is full of suspense and action. I’ve had to perform some risky stunts, like running downhill at top speed in Kodaikanal, where the climax was shot.”  He further adds, “I had to step on slippery rocks, and if I’d missed my steps, I’d have fallen off the hill from a height of 2000 ft!” Actress Ranya has given a good performance completing the first shoots. Based in Mumbai she had starting trouble coping with the language, but did manage it after enough practice and help from her team members. The film has Daniel Balaji in second lead. He has shot a racy sequence, where he gives actress Ranya a chase for her life, forming an interesting part of the script. The movie also has actors Banu Chandar and Uma Padmanaban in key roles and is produced by Sanjay’s Entertainment Unlimited.

A 2000 feet drop, that’s risky Anoop.


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